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quarta-feira, 30 de abril de 2014

Lessons learned from Sandy - "Últimos posts de 30 dos meus blogs favoritos" - 30

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Floodwaters are gone but not forgotten: lessons learned from Sandy

There’s a lot in the news about climate change and how it’s affecting communities today.

There’s a new Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – also called the IPCC – report that details the effects of climate change on human and natural systems around the world, both now and in the future. In the next month, the Third National Climate Assessment report will be launched, and will describe the effects of climate change already observed here in the US, and trends anticipated for the

We can help ourselves to be better prepared for a changing climate, by incorporating the insights science offers us about what kinds of changes to expect – for example, so coastal cities can plan and take better steps to prepare for changing risks from storm flooding.

Today, NRDC is releasing an issue brief, Preparing for Climate Change: Lessons Learned for Coastal Cities from Hurricane Sandy that highlights the human cost when we don’t take climate change’s effects into account.

According to NRDC’s new mapping analysis, the total area flooded by Sandy in the five boroughs of New York City was 65 percent bigger than FEMA’s flood maps led residents and city officials to expect. We took a closer look at some of the people and places that were outside FEMA’s then-existing 100-year floodplain, which had been mapped in 1983. NRDC’s new mapping analysis found that among those people not included in FEMA’s then-existing floodmaps, but were inundated nonetheless during Hurricane Sandy, were: 

Nearly 290,000 New Yorkers in total
Nearly 90,000 people with limited economic means to recover
More than 59,000 people who were likely to need help to get out of harm’s way (specifically, more than 16,000 children under age 5, and more than 43,000 people over... LINK

- Leia uma introdução a esta série de posts aqui.

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