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terça-feira, 29 de maio de 2018

During meditation - childhood dreams - voando com as asas de Svet, a Iluminada 12

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  Today during meditation ..

...lezha on the wooden floor, feeling the vibration devastated tremor, from physical exertion, the body weight in muscle relaxation and hands, legs and body .. I listen to your breathing, deep, measured as the sound of the ocean: inhale, exhale.

    I - the ocean. Every movement - thought, every thought - movement / body reaction.

    If I do not know what I want to eat, why should I

have? I'll wait ...

I - emptiness, space, ocean, substance, vibrating with every breath .. the waves lapping on the shore, and the air goes in and out of me.

    I - anything. I can do, think, be anything - only I choose it.

From birth, I choose it does not realize - how the rest. I - like any man - has all the powers of the world, in embryo, the potential, I have all the skills. Only costs them hone a little bit, like, learn to walk ..

We can all go, as soon as born, but it is necessary to learn. No one has any doubt that the 'healthy' child will walk all around it was expected of him, and he simply follows this program, this program is not a single doubt in others, maybe there from him, when he falls, or maybe not, because he does not yet know that something can go wrong, he simply tries again and again.

But whether it will be by Mozart when he started for the first time to press the piano keys and showed interest in music, almost all doubt. Then, most likely, he is still, no doubt, because he is on the stage where he has a lot to gain in life: to learn to walk, to speak, to understand, to touch, play and many many other such interesting and important, but it is not simple, if you think about things. He knows that he gets what he wants sooner or later, not everything turned out - it's in the process, but much has been disbursed.

At this point, it is full of...


- Olhando para a interessante foto acima, que mostra nossa amiga LUX, ou se preferirem LUZ ou se preferirem "A Russa Iluminada" plantando bananeira pensei...

- Pensei justamente nos meus sonhos de infância.

- Qual não foi a minha surpresa ao verificar que o principal assunto deste inteligente post da Svet são justamente os sonhos infantis.

-  Mas porque será que os adultos não gostam de plantar bananeira?

Fernando Costa

Leia uma explicação para esta série clicando aqui.

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