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segunda-feira, 25 de abril de 2016

Positions at SEA - My favorites quotes from the famous Bowditch

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"The purpose of ship reporting systems is to monitor
vessels’ positions at SEA so that a response to any high-SEAS
emergency can be coordinated among those nearest and
best able to help. It is important that complete information
be made available to search and rescue (SAR) coordinators
immediately so that the right type of assistance can be sent
to the scene with the least possible delay.

For example, a medical emergency at sea might require
a doctor; a ship reporting system can find the nearest vessel
with a doctor aboard. A sinking craft might require a vessel
to rescue the crew, and perhaps another to provide a lee. A
ship reporting system allows SAR coordinators to quickly
assemble the required assets to complete the rescue."




Leia uma explicação para esta série de 30 posts clicando aqui.

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