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sábado, 23 de junho de 2018

How to make money in the journey - part 3 - voando com as asas de Svet, a Iluminada 13

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 Commercial Street (Part 3)

The content of this article about earnings in the journey:

    Oven and sell cookies
    Selling seeds and herbs
    Cut and sell fruit
    Work bike rickshaw

How to make a journey. Earnings in Latin Amerke. Trip around the world. Where to get money for the journey
Town square in

Antigua (Guatemala), where all the trade, what they want

In Latin America, as in many Asian countries, handicraft production and sale of that whatsoever on the street, it is not forbidden by the authorities, and actively encouraged the population. For that reason, no special licenses to start their small business does not need. In the production of food, such as "handmade" (baking "in the kitchen at Granny"), it is only trust, and does not require anything more than a pleasant and more or less clean appearance.

IMPORTANT : This article is a continuation of an interesting way to earn in traveling. In the first part read about my personal experience of earnings in the world tour .
1) The oven and sell cookies

..ili any other pastries.
In fact, bake cookies, then unpack them for 5-10 pieces (depending on size) and are sold on the street, offering all in a row on the street or in cafes, where people relax.
One traveler told me that in Brazil it is even sold "magic cookies" - marijuana.

It is very attracted to the audience, "probes" - small pieces of baking to check out what is in the package.

Nuance: it is necessary to have an oven for baking, and if traveling through hostels, or with Couch surfing, it is not always this possibility exists.
2) Selling and grass seeds on the street

With the same success it is possible to acquire seeds (flax or PIR, or any more), nuts or herbs, buying them in bulk is cheaper, unpacking in small containers, and sell on the street.
Revenues at least 2-3 times the investment.
Then I saw a lot of local throughout Central America and Mexico.
3) Cut and sell fruit
Here is the trays of sliced ​​fruit in Nicaragua. Om-Nom-nom!

Take the pineapple, papaya or mango. We buy more (gross of course, on the market or in special distribution centers), so the packaging.
Also quite profitable work.
Money: (!), For example, a pineapple in Colombia can be sliced more expensive to sell at least twice, and sometimes four - all depends on the location.
Nuance:  only in where to take the table-trolley-tray from which to sell. But in principle it is possible and simple plastic tables do (borrow for a while in a restaurant or a neighbor).

4) Auto-riksha

"Rickshaw" you can earn. In many cities in Central America, it is very widespread "bring up" the residents to bicycle rickshaw. Sam bike - rickshaw, can be purchased at many local stores, and no matter in which country you're in, you can bring up people for money.

Tips: if you actively move between the cities, the need to move on this very same rickshaw because in transport is unlikely to take it....


- Este novo post de nossa amiga Svet, a Russa Iluminada, lembrou-me dos meus dotes culinários.

- Creio que vou começar a vender guloseimas na feira da UNI-RIO* pra ganhar algum dinheiro, (que anda cada vez mais escasso no bolso dos brasileiros.)

*- O único lugar do Brasil que eu vi funcionar um mercado sem vendedores!!!!

*- Coisa linda do "Primeiro Mundo dos meus Sonhos". 

Fernando Costa

Leia uma explicação para esta série clicando aqui.

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