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quarta-feira, 16 de maio de 2018

My suitcase for circumnavigation - voando com as asas de Svet, a Iluminada 11

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  My suitcase for circumnavigation

In a long trip, you need quite a lot of things. 
According to this, the collection, gets a choice:

- all these things drag on her back in a backpack or a .. 
- roll on wheels in a suitcase?

I decided to share with you my
thoughts - why I travel with a suitcase. 

Like on my avatar, with me there is still a small backpack. The suitcase - all the most difficult and the volume in the backpack - the most valuable and fragile. 
Disclaimer - we are talking about a suitcase with wheels!

Why the suitcase instead of a backpack?

1. Suitcase - rescue forces, especially for girls
In the journey, as well as in life in general, it is very important to good physical health and energy reserve. When you have to move a lot, every gram counts back to how she feels most spin and its owner - that is, I. Roll cargo on wheels is always easier than to drag him back to the same (remember the basket at the supermarket).

2. Suitcase - a hundred , and so on
At the bus stop, the train station, in a shop, cafe or at home, the suitcase can always stand for "self" and the backpack should be always to lean against something, he falls and clings to it with their straps, the shoulder straps.

3. Suitcase - a backpack and locker in one bottle
With the constant change of "home", you have to change and shelves for clothes. Suitcase, in this sense, anywhere he is a "cabinet": put, opened and here everything is in order and fast access - use! At the time, as with a backpack to get something from the bottom, it is necessary to shovel all that is from above, and it is - the whole problem and the collapse of the things around.

4. The suitcase is easy to close "the castle"
If I need to walk around the city and carry a suitcase with a do not want to, then I usually leave it in a cafe or hotel, just ask where to look for him. Closing his only main compartment hinged clasp, I am calm, because it (unlike a backpack), do not have many pockets, which also need to somehow shut down, not to worry, there is something missing from them.

Small backpack I use to wear technique and everything that I need in the car's cockpit, or in the cabin of the bus (until the suitcase is in the trunk).

For almost three years the way, many times I was glad of their choice in favor of a suitcase, and only once, sorry - it is not suitable for bicycle travel, and to go Darianskogo gap in the jungles of South America, but this is what I tell in his... LINK


" - Muito interessante e bastante prático tudo que a iluminada Svet fala a respeito de sua preferência pela valise sobre rodas em detrimento da mochila.

- Se você pretende realizar uma longa viagem não deixe de ler tudo que a preclara Lux escreveu neste sábio post.

- Curiosidade?

- A Svet trata a própria viagem não como uma coisa, mas como uma amiga, uma companheira de viagem, que responde pela alcunha de "Mocha", uma certa onça pintada do Chile.

Fernando Costa

Leia uma explicação para esta série clicando aqui.

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