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segunda-feira, 26 de maio de 2014

Pat Henry - As 30 mais importantes velejadoras solitárias de todos os tempos e lugares 26

Since the end of her voyage in 1997 Pat Henry, author of 
"By the Grace of the Sea: A Woman's Solo Odyssey Around the World"  has presented this message 

"Whatever you can DREAM, you can DO! "

to countless audiences across the country. Through anecdotes from sea and shore she brings them on
board her 31-foot vessel to feel the highs and lows of sailing alone across the oceans of the world.

The challenges her eight-year, solo voyage presented, in many ways, parallel those facing individuals and businesses today... encountering fear, analyzing failure, managing complex goals, and working with passion.

What Henry learned in the clarity of survival and solitude at sea and through encounters with cultures around the world applies to everyday life on... LINK

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