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domingo, 29 de julho de 2018

Rubbish in my life - voando com as asas de Svet, a Iluminada 17

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Rubbish in my life

25/11/2015 by Svet   

garbage. interesting facts about the garbage. withs. eco-friendly life every day  

I lay there, staring into space ..

    We were silent, digesting just seen. We were both in shock ..

In my head flashed pictures of the last days of my life ... those moments, which did not want to think that were easily veiled vivid mosaic of new experiences. Now, after this movie, I could no longer hide from them. As unpleasant as it may be, but I could not help beginning to count up all the bags, bottles and wrappers that I threw in the last days .. months .. years .. That's about it - about the years, did not want to think, but I could not help trying to imagine of the volume could be a bunch of what came out of my hands for the rest of my life if I could collect it in one place. Really, it's all there somewhere right now, somewhere on this planet there is a ball, dropped me 20 years ago, or a bag, wrapper from ice cream - from popsicle from my

childhood .. While there, a child - in the Soviet Union, was a popsicle in a paper wrapper,

In any case, all other wrapping .. It is not imaginable, is immense. One thing is clear - this is a huge pile, which is only increasing every day of my life.

    I have always thought about what to do with garbage. Well, in a sense - after I threw it in the garbage disposal or in the trash. Here it takes away the car .. but where, and what happens to him - with each package of milk, or the plastic wrap from the cheese, a glass of yogurt, etc.?

When I asked my friends and acquaintances what they think about it, then no one in particular could not answer me - "Once processed." So I thought I was. But more than to see our "Levashovsky dump" (St. Petersburg), by which the ungodly stink, my investigation is not reached. Nobody ever told me either at school or at university, neither in Russia, nor in Europe, about the fate of the garbage.

Now, after watching the film "Garbage» (Trashed) all illusions vanished. Now I know the truth. And no longer can escape from it for the "conscious" behavior, is that to throw garbage in the trash, and not directly on the street. After all, what's the difference in the trash I threw it or not, if in the end he would still be here - on the planet - has for many years ..?!

It turns out that we have a new continent in size (according to some) - more than the US, and an outdoor sailors a few years ago - waste continent! By the way, it will be necessary to visit, as part of its world tour ..

Even the idea of ​​"history bags" for a movie or a cartoon ...

But if everything is so bad, so why no one does anything about it ?!

    "This should be handled by the government," - there was an opinion among my friends ..
    Yes, it would be for all governments! And besides, yesterday! But ..
    They are not engaged.

What to do?! What exactly can I do? That each of us can do about their own daily multiplying this same garbage ?!

Destroy the plastic seems impossible - not to come up with methods of their destruction, safe for the environment. Do we bury him, washed off in the ocean or burn - he is still here, in almost its original form. But the most important thing is that every day, the world is made more and more plastic - we pack everything in bags, bottles, boxes ..

Now all these countless bags issued uncontrollably in supermarkets around the world, a lump rose in my throat until the head is scrolled string of pictures of my past.

But how to eliminate completely of plastic consumption, living in the modern world? it seems that this is not real!

In developed countries, in supermarkets all packed in pretty robust, plastic   packaging, in the poor countries of Asia and Central America, all that is sold on the streets are packed in such a comfortable, brand new, disposable, small plastic bags in supermarkets, pensioners and students earn a tip standing near the cash register and diligently packing your shopping in the numerous free packages with "handles" ..

    Yes, it is true, but that's a live example - in this film showed a woman who together with his family of 4 for 1 year, use only 1 plastic bag (!).

How did it happen? ..

..Da long films are not made such an impression on me! ..

In general, I now have a new challenge and experiment as much as possible to use less plastic in their lives.
Experiment with rubbish in my life or my garbage rules

So, at this moment for myself, I have developed some rules to reduce (at least so far, although I understand that this is only the reduction, not the total solution) produced garbage me that I want to share with you and to know your opinion in this regard (please comment below).

    There are cafes of glassware
    Where I used to take food in disposable containers, and now I ask her in the same glass. It turns out that in many places where the default allow all disposable containers (such as Starbucks in the US and Mexico, when asked separately, then you poured coffee in a ceramic mug), actually have the opportunity to eat from porcelain, is not only eco-friendly but more and more pleasant.
    Do not take bags to the supermarket
    for this burden with a linen bag in which to put all products. I take with the "old" bags from the house (yes, got himself a small bag in which they were always with me).
    Save and re-use "disposable dishes"
    Before you throw away disposable container or bag, almost new (as I have done before), I prefer to keep it and reuse. And if at the same time it requires washing, I am lazy to rinse it and dry it. Thus, at least I will not have to buy a new plastic.
    I think before buying a thing
    purchasing any item in the store, I consider now, not only its performance, but also the packaging in which it is packaged. And if you have a choice to purchase something such as packed or "in bulk", I choose the latter.
    Buy large packages
    The same applies to bottles (eg, 5 yoghurt in small bottles, or the same amount, but in one large). It even to the same and cost savings. If you have a choice to buy a product in a small package or a large - I choose a big, so instead of 5-and small bags, there is only one, albeit large.
    Do not take the "cap" and "tube"
    buying drinks in cups, I do not take these useless plastic covers and ducts that after one time use, go straight to the trash (after all, if you think they seldom are at least something other than Beauty). I do not receive, the main thing in time to tell the seller.
    Practice wearing a disposable cup with a . For juices (so again, do not use "one" people in institutions is surprised, - "Oh, those white" - is written on smiling with the understanding faces sellers - apparently, the Europeans have brought this fashion here).
    Use plastic instruments many times (for tropical countries)
    When I buy things such as ready-sliced fruit in bags (which are so common in tropical countries of Asia and the Americas), then pull out a one-time fork stockpiled in advance not to use another new. After all, my, that just a few days ago was used, did not shabby by impaling her fruit. Yes, I carry it with me in my purse just in case.
    Bottles of water, I fill the many times
    of course, ideal for use in general thermos or glass bottle, fill it with water instead of buying. It is also useful, because most plastics, whether we like it or not, highlights the substance stored in it products.
    I analyze your daily "contribution" to the real state of "garbage cases"
    I'm writing every day, all the plastic that I threw in the trash today. Thus, I can keep track of its real volume, and further - the extent of its reduction.

One day my brother said that the number of garbage produced by society, we can estimate his fortune. Thus, it turns out that having a lot of rubbish - it's kind of cool - it means that you are rich and successful. In some societies. However, it is also a lack of awareness rate in these societies, each of the short-sightedness of their members ...

In Central America, I was jarred at first that no one will dare impede three-year, to throw out a bag from under, then eaten fruit in the window of the bus. Or that people throw garbage on the streets, right at his feet. I, like most Europeans or Americans, it seems wild. However, I personally remember a time when Russia was just as well not have meters at forty on the streets, and I myself, as a child, fought the urge to throw the packaging of the seeds or even from anything, right on the lawn - so then "made all". Now imagine that one does not, it's embarrassing, "everybody" now carry their garbage to the bins - is "right." We have reached this understanding, matured, as a society. So let's move on!

    Why create a problem, then to figure out how to solve it? After all, much easier, and it is better not to create it. Invented by me, the rules are not only preserve our common home - planet, clean, but also help to save money. And what a pleasure of knowing "advancement" of their own views and great contribution to the preservation of our planet!

I am confident that we - each of us, every day can make their lives a little better than yesterday - we can do better. We are already on the step of the development, when we can do the prestigious competition over who will produce less garbage.

In general, watch a movie all!

And tell me in the comments what you think about garbage in the world Hashem? How do you manage to reduce its production in your own life? Share - any little tips can be useful for readers.
Here are the links to view the film "Garbage":

> - Trashed (2013) ENG - if someone found a link - please send us by posting.
- (2013) ESP - si sabe el nombre en espanole o encontraste el link, dejalo abajo en los commentaries porfa.

- "Trash" (2013) EN


- Lixo... O lixo é um dos maiores problemas que a doida raça humana terá de resolver, se quiser sobreviver alguns anos a mais sobre o combalido planeta Terra...

- Problema sério.

- Problema seríssimo.

Fernando Costa

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