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terça-feira, 17 de julho de 2018

How to make money while traveling - Part 5 - voando com as asas de Svet, a Iluminada 16

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 How to make money while traveling 
- Part 5

I continue the story of how to make money while traveling. The fact that one (at least!) Masterpiece of photos will appear on the cover of NAT GEO or magazine Vokrug Sveta , probably dreaming of most travelers. Or at least in some of the magazines that are not only friends but relatives learned about the wonderful distant corners of the world, but "distant readers." Though in practice this rarely happens, I met some living examples of travelers, it is earning on the sale of its materials, filmed and written in the

IMPORTANT : This article is a continuation of an interesting way to earn in traveling. In the first part read about my personal experience of earnings in the world tour.

5. Sale of materials from a trip (part 5)

The content of this article on how to make money while traveling:

    Shooting Times-lab, movies, photos
    writing articles
    Participation in competitions

1. Shooting Times-lab, movies, photos

A couple from the United States (to bring up our Biosanu), traveling to America and Mexico, rented a luxury photo materials, using his tent lifestyle. Further, one problem - to sell the captured miracle.
But these guys have already had an order. Those. they first removed and mounted several materials taken close to home, and then, nashil company (referring to the United States), which is interested in their works and entered into contact with them. Therefore, in his journey through Mexico, they have already gone to a specific task.
Nuance: for this kind of shooting you need a good and often expensive equipment. On this should think about not only how to buy it, but how to transport it. After all, if you're traveling in third world countries, it is very common in these thefts.

2. Writing Articles

For example, a traveler from Germany (by the way, the oldest of met me - he was 75 years old and he travels for over a year), explained how to write and sell your article on the tobacco industry in Nicaragua. He sold it to some well-known in the German edition. In one article, you can earn up to several hundred dollars.
However, I guess it's in foreign languages. Not sure what the Russian, someone will purchase an article for the money. If someone has a similar experience, tell me in the comments to this article.

3. Participation in competitions

On the Internet and in major publishing houses, are often held many competitions for travelers, photo competitions, articles, stories and so on.

Nuance: Earnings is not constant and is not guaranteed, however, the prize can be quite substantial.
Required to follow the news and analyze a lot of information, not to mention the provision of good material.
To sum up, on how to make a journey

In this series of 20 original ways to make a journey, I described the most interested in me or to please their originality, methods ( beginning and full content here ). In fact there are many more. Guys that inspired me for this article (thank you!), Travelers - krugosvetchiki, Nikita and Nastya, collect a complete catalog of ways to make a journey here .

My observations on the subject of income, say that in this world there is always a lot of opportunities. You can sell the most seemingly banal things, and demand could be a variety of skills and services. Of course, if you are white, and are in the "color" of the world - you additional bonuses if you have ownership of the local language - another plus, but the main thing - if you are with passion and creative approach to the development of a new profession, it is welcome anywhere in the world, with any skin color and knowledge.
The main thing - do it! And let it be a game, a challenge and pushes the boundaries of your own, enriching experience.

I hope that you will make money on the journey now seems a simple task.

Tell me in the comments which of these methods proved to be useful to you and what kind of personal experience do you have on earnings in the journey

See all 20 interesting ways to make money while traveling:

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    Creative performances (Part 2)
    Commercial Street (part 3)
    For designers and photographers (part 4)
    Sale of materials from a trip (part 5)


- Se eu tivesse dinheiro suficiente, pagaria à nossa amiga LUX para dar-me um curso particular de como ganhar dinheiro em viagem.

- Um curso prático, entendem?

- Eu sei, eu sei, que não existe nada mais prático que uma boa teoria, mas...

- Melhor um curso prático que outro teórico, concordam?

- Principalmente em se tratando da Russa Iluminada como professora.

- Mesmo que eu não conseguisse aprender nada, o que é pouco provável, ficaria feliz em revê-la e conversar pessoalmente com ela, que é uma das pessoas mais simpáticas que já conheci em minha vida.

Fernando Costa

Leia uma explicação para esta série clicando aqui.

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