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segunda-feira, 11 de junho de 2018

How to make money in the journey - part 2 - voando com as asas de Svet, a Iluminada 13

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 How to make money in the journey 
- part 2

 T2. The creative performances (Part 2)

The content of this article on how to make a journey:

    Work musician / singer
    Employment in transport
    Show-show "at the traffic lights"
    Translate across the road

For all methods of earning described in this (second) portion must have a bold and creative vein. But if you are traveling and looking for options to make a journey, it means that you have a default, bold, and here is how you do with the work - you know better. All of these methods, I have seen during his trip around the world.

IMPORTANT : This article is a continuation of an interesting way to earn in traveling. In the first part read about my personal experience of

earnings in the world tour .
1) Operation musician / singer
How to make a journey. Earnings in Latin Amerke. Trip around the world. Where to get money for the journey
Teatro Argentina , the two traveling aktirs

In Latin America, traveling musicians - a common occurrence. Yes, and like the music here than anywhere else. By this people we are used to "support" of troubadours.

If you play on any instrument, the restaurants will gladly agree to provide you with a "platform", while you are at the end of his concert collect gratuities from visitors.

Live Example 1: A few days ago met a musician, so he told me that in comparison with the sale baubles (that he does too), music - much more profitable. For a couple of hours in the restaurant, he said, you can earn about $ 30.

Live Example 2:  two actresses from Argentina, made a  small performance , and carry it to the city, earning a living this way. They act not only on gorodskh areas, but dogovoarivayutsya with culture houses, theaters, schools (because performance is suitable for a children's audience). It's a bit Bole "pump" approach, their theater and spetaklyah can be found here .

Musician can earn also in central squares and in public transportation.

Pros: do not necessarily know the language - music in a foreign language, will too.

What you need to have : A tool or voice. And best of both
2) Jobs in transport
chikenbas. latinsoky bus in America, transportation in America. Latin America
Chicken-bass in Nicaragua. Here in these buses, you can earn while you travel.

The public transport - buses and the metro (if present in the city), you can sing or play an instrument. Unusual and strange it seemed to me a humorous performance in Mexico, when the make-up clown, Hochma and telling jokes for a couple of minutes, then collected the money passing through the cabin, and went into another bus.

Pros: it can be done at any time of the day

Useful with : can be make-up, and knowledge of the language, maybe you can do a pantomime.
3) Show-show "at the traffic lights"

During the traffic light cycle (usually about a minute) "performers" juggle, act out skits, magic balls rolled or excrete acrobatics in front of cars waiting for the green light.

A minute later - at the end of "representation" is collected on machines tip.

In principle, almost no matter what talent you possess, and what you're doing, you can always earn. While I assume that acrobat, curry handstands, and curving cobra, which I saw yesterday, collecting more money.

Another plus - it can be done either alone or in a group.

Pros: can be done at any time of the day
is useful with : props appropriate for your show, but it is not necessary, because you can come up with something as simple as using the materials at hand and his own...


- Se o amigo leitor está viajando e buscando desesperadamente um meio de ganhar dinheiro, leia as sábias dicas acima.

- Presente da nossa ousada e inteligente amiga Svet, a Russa Iluminada, que acabou de percorrer sozinha boa parte da nossa colossal Amazônia.

Leia uma explicação para esta série clicando aqui.

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