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quarta-feira, 21 de março de 2018

- Coragem, força, coragem minha brava maruja! - Importantes matérias (texto) sobre MAR, MEIO AMBIENTE ou BARCO À VELA 6

Bom dia amigas e amigos leitores.

- E lá vai a nossa corajosa compatriota Martine Grael realizando mais uma ousada façanha.

- Depois do ouro olímpico, que tal uma pioneira participação na Volvo Ocean Race?

- Como costuma dizer minha avó Balbina, "ela tem a quem puxar".

- E como diria o cascudo contramestre de "A Tempestade" de Shakespeare, durante a primeira cena desta
fabulosa peça:

- Coragem, força, coragem minha brava maruja!

- Leiam!

Fernando Costa

Leg 7: daily report - Wednesday March 21

Morning report: 0700 UTC, Wednesday March 21, 2018

Team AkzoNobel is in second place place as the fleet of seven VO65s plunge further south on the longest leg in the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18, some 14,000 kilometres (7,600 nautical miles) and are now in the ‘furious fifties’.

The tactic since leaving Auckland, New Zealand on Sunday 18 March has always been to get south, find a low pressure system moving east and ride with it all the way to Cape Horn. The area the teams are racing through is known as the Westerly Storm Track where storms and low pressure systems swirl west-to-east around the globe, circulating the Antarctic with nothing but a handful of tiny islands to slow them down. Each watch the temperature is dropping as the air and the waters around them gets colder (currently between 10-12 degrees C): the crew is adding a layer of clothing with each watch.

Team AkzoNobel is currently racing in 20 knots (37 km/h) of northerly breeze, just 2.8 nautical miles (5 kilometres) behind the leader Vestas 11th Hour Racing. The challenge for the teams now is how to get round the high (the light patch of wind) in front of them, which is sitting stubbornly on the ice exclusion zone to the

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