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terça-feira, 26 de abril de 2016

Mariners at SEA - My favorites quotes from the famous Bowditch

Leia uma explicação para esta série de 30 posts clicando aqui.

"Mariners at SEA, because of their professional skills and location, represent a unique data collection capability unobtainable by any government agency. Provision of high quality navigational and oceanographic information by government agencies requires active participation by mariners in data collection and reporting.

 Examples of the type of information required are reports of obstructions, shoals orhazards to navigation, unusual sea ice or icebergs, unusual soundings, currents, geophysical phenomena such as magnetic disturbances and subsurface volcanic eruptions, and marine pollution.

 In addition, detailed reports of harbor conditions and facilities in both busy and out-of-the-way ports and harbors helps charting agencies keep their products current. The responsibility for collecting hydrographic data by U.S. Naval vessels is detailed in various directives and instructions.

Civilian mariners, because they often travel to a wider range of ports, also have an opportunity to contribute substantial amounts of valuable information."




Leia uma explicação para esta série de 30 posts clicando aqui.

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