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quinta-feira, 14 de abril de 2016

“Where, exactly, is my vessel?” - My favorites quotes from the famous Bowditch

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"Since the beginning of maritime navigation, the desire of the navigator has always been to answer a fundamental question: “Where, exactly, is my vessel?” To answer that question, the navigator was forced to continually take fixes on celestial bodies, on fixed objects ashore, or using radio signals, and plot the resulting lines of position as a fix on a paper chart. Only then could he begin to assess the safety of the ship and its progress toward its destination. 

He spent far more time taking fixes, working out solutions, and plotting the results than on making assessments, and the fix only told him where the ship was at the time that fix was taken, not where the vessel was some time later when the assessment was made. He was always “behind the vessel.” On the high SEAS this is of little import. Near shore, it becomes vitally important."




Leia uma explicação para esta série de 30 posts clicando aqui

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