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quinta-feira, 21 de abril de 2016

Normal OCEAN routes - My favorites quotes from the famous Bowditch

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"Dead reckoning involves the determination of one’s present or future position by projecting the ship’s course and distance run from a known position. A closely related problem is that of finding the course and distance from one known point to another. For short distances, these problems are easily solved directly on charts, but for trans-oceanic distances, a purely mathematical solution is often a better method. 

Collectively, these methods are called The Sailings.

Navigational computer programs and calculators commonly contain algorithms for computing all of the problems of the sailings. For those situations when a calculator is not available, this chapter discusses hand calculation methods and tabular solutions. Navigators can also refer to NIMA Pub. 151, Distances Between Ports, for distances along normal OCEAN routes."




Leia uma explicação para esta série de 30 posts clicando aqui.

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