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terça-feira, 12 de abril de 2016

Loran navigation system - My favorites quotes from the famous Bowditch

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"The initial calculations above assumed the speed of
light in free space; however, the actual speed at which electromagnetic radiation propagates on earth is reduced both by the atmosphere through which it travels and by the conductive surfaces—SEA and land—over which it passes. 

The specified accuracy needed from Loran therefore requires three corrections to the propagation speed of the signal. The reduction in propagation speed due to the atmosphere is represented by the first correction term: the Primary Phase Factor (PF). Similarly, a Secondary Phase Factor (SF) accounts for the reduced propagation speed due to traveling over seawater. 

These two corrections are transparent to the operator since they are uniformly incorporated into all calculations represented on charts and in Loran receivers."




Leia uma explicação para esta série de 30 posts clicando aqui

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