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quinta-feira, 23 de julho de 2015

DOWN BY THE SEA - 30 canções que falam de MAR em dez idiomas diferentes + 30 fotografias inéditas de Fernando Costa 23

Atlântico Norte- 2013 - foto de Fernando Costa


Down by the sea
I found your hidden treasure
Just you and me,
We overdosed on pleasure

Yonnies in the wind,
We're ruggin' up for winter
Putting out the bins
In cold and
windy weather

Down by the docks
Live all the silent sea-ships
Crates are stored on blocks
Where now only the rats live

Sail me down the river
Till we reach the shore
Diving into the center
Eating out the core

Down on the beach
Saluting Captain Benbow
Always out of reach
It's quiet when the tide's low

Climbing up the cliffs
You can see for miles far
The boat that ran adrift
Is sitting on the sandbar

Laughing at the waves
That storm the river mouth
The ice is on the move now
Creeping north and south

Down by the sea
I found your hidden treasure
Just you and me
We over-dosed on pleasure

Listen to your heart
Screamin' at the sky
Can't you feel it tremble?
Don't you wonder why?

This song is performed by Men At Work and appears on the album Business As Usual (1981), on the compilation album Contraband: The Best Of Men At Work (1996) and on the live album Brazil (1998).

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