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quarta-feira, 1 de abril de 2015

FREYA HOFFMEISTER - 30 maritime record holders 1


Born 10.05.1964, Sports: Record Circumnavigations of Islands and Continents by Sea Kayak, Marathon Ocean-Racing, Surfski Racing, Greenland Style-Kayak Rolling, represents Germany September 2011 – (approx.) May 2015: First ever circumnavigation of the whole
South American continent by sea kayak (K1), solo and unsupported.

Freya Hoffmeister, 50, also known as “Freya Shakti“, “Goddess of Love to the Seas” or “Fearless“, is a highly-skilled open ocean-paddler who has undertaken the two world’s greatest timed sea kayaking continental circumnavigations, plus has numerous islands records to her name.

Iceland (2007): K1, with Greg Stamer, ca. 1.300 km, fastest circumnavigation ever in 33 days (less than 10 persons only),averaging 65 km per paddling day, unsupported paddling. The “K2 (mountain)” of Sea Kayaking!

New Zealand South (2007): K1, solo and unsupported,ca. 2700 km, 70 days, fastest solo-circumnavigation, first woman, third person in 30 years. The “Mount Everst of Sea Kayaking!”

Australia (2009): K1, solo and unsupported, 13.790 km, 322 days, second person to do so, 28 days faster than the first paddler Paul Caffyn 27 years ago. She has included a 7-nights/ 8-days 567 km crossing of the Gulf of Carpentaria with sleeping in her kayak, three +180 km overnight paddles along unaccessible cliffs with no landings, numerous other overnight paddles, was fightinghuge waves and massive surf on... LINK


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