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domingo, 1 de fevereiro de 2015

Polar Bear Man 2014 - "Os 30 Mais Novos Documentários (TDF) sobre o meio ambiente 1

It was supposed to be a soothing and serene camping excursion in the Torngat Mountains of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Matthew Dyer, a civil attorney based out of Lewiston, Maine, was anxious to take in the splendid natural sights and indulge in his long-time fascination with the majestic polar bear. Not long into his
dream expedition, one of those bears got too close, and Dyer came back home a physically shattered man.
In the earliest moments of Polar Bear Man, an enlightening new documentary from VICE Reports, Dyer describes the horrific injuries he sustained in the jaws of the massive beast. "I had a broken jaw," he recalls. "I had a collapsed lung. I had a cracked vertebra in my neck. Essentially, as I understand it, [the bear] paralyzed one of my vocal chords. He was just trying to get me out of that tent with his"... LINK

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