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sábado, 14 de fevereiro de 2015

Apocalypse, Man - "Os 30 Mais Novos Documentários (TDF) sobre o meio ambiente 14

The planet is being destroyed all around us. Using money to try to address that problem is like shooting yourself in the foot. Evolve or parish, grow up or die... an entirely new level of human consciousness is needed right now or we're all dead. Mankind openly descends into a world of bloodshed without end. Dog-eat-dog until everything is killed and the last man commits suicide or
he's poisoned.
When you believe you're already dead and you got nothing to live for, you fight better than you've ever fought in your life. When your back's to the wall that's the only time when humans actually choose to evolve... at the moment of death, at the moment when we face our destruction, that's when the greatest leaps in human consciousness and the leaps of human heart take place.
This documentary is about the apocalyptic thoughts of one man. His name is a Michael C. Ruppert and most people would know him from the documentary Collapse. He had written two books: Crossing the Rubicon in 2004 and Confronting Collapse in 2009. He started off as a whistle-blower. He's a former LAPD narcotics detective and he caught CIA bringing drugs into the country in 1976/77 and he tried to blow the whistle on that. Then he received the whistle-blower treatment... there were attempts on his life.
He comes from a CIA family and he was promoting very rapidly in LAPD, but when he discovered that what they were asking him to do would be to protect CIA drug shipments coming into the country he couldn't do it. That was a bit of suicide that he couldn't commit on himself. What put him on the public stage was the confrontation with the CIA director John Deutch in 1996.
In 1998 he founded a newsletter called From the Wilderness which lasted for eight years and broke great many scandals and exposed many government crimes. He walked that walk for a long time and as the world situation deteriorated he could no longer normally function. So he left Northern California and all his relations and came to Colorado to die or to commit suicide... LINK

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