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terça-feira, 27 de maio de 2014

Ann Gash - As 30 mais importantes velejadoras solitárias de todos os tempos e lugares 27

When Ann Gash planned to attend a school for bamboo piping in Europe in 1975, she couldn't afford the air fare. The grandmother, then 52, decided therefore that she would sail her 7.3-metre plywood boat.

She told her six children little about her plans, only that she was "going sailing" and
mentioned Europe. She did not say anything about circumnavigating the world or that, although she had sailed with a friend to the Great Barrier Reef, this voyage was to be solo. After all, it was International Women's Year. And, when she didn't have the Sydney-Melbourne fare as a younger woman, she had ridden a pushbike there and back.

The children, led by the eldest, now Libby Buhrich, saw that she had plenty of food on her little Folkboat, although Gash said later that she carried few medical provisions. She sailed from Pittwater without fuss. When the "Sailing Granny" returned after 2½ years, however, she received a... LINK

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