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quarta-feira, 30 de abril de 2014

François de la Mancha desembarcou no Brasil - news do mês de abril de 2014 - 9

O aventureiro gaulês François de la Mancha - foto de Fernando Costa

- Boa noite amigas e amigos leitores do oceânico serial-blog da Estrela. 

Lembram-se do nosso amigo aventureiro François de la Mancha, que tive o prazer de conhecer em
Tenerife, ao final do ano passado?

Aquele mesmo que criou o grupo "Les Optimistes" juntamente comigo?



Pois tenho boas notícias dele, leiam a mensagem abaixo.

Ele encontra-se em Santarém, em plena Amazônia.

Sejam gentis com ele, que ele merece, meus irmãos brasileiros.

Boa sorte amigo François de la Mancha :)

Grande abraço amigos leitores.

Fernando Costa

Morning everyone!

I hope this mail finds you all well and dandy, with summer on its way, unless you're in the southern hemisphere (if you are, give us a shout!).
After quite a few twists and turns, I am delighted to let you all know that I finally made it to the other side of the pond... we arrived a month ago in Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe, on a 40" sloop "La Liberté", the skipper (a classic grumpy old Australian) and I. Quite tiring since neither of us had ever done such a long passage, and we had to deal with a reasonable amount of mishaps en route (broken pole, reefing lines getting damaged, the boom trying to escape from the mast, not to mention the Australian accent and cooking, from far the biggest hazards encountered throughout these 3 weeks at sea...).
But hey, main goal is fully achieved : we made it safely to destination, and what memories do I keep from these magic moments when, alone during night-watch, one is confronted to the vast, yet so familiar infinite of the sea, of the self... a flawless canvas upon which life can be reflected afresh. Tout n'est que luxe, calme et volupté...
To everyone I met, talked to, kept correspondance with before I left Europe, I wish to say thanks, for many times I thought of giving up this crazy idea of boat-hiking... My most sincere thanks to you all who, each in its own way, helped me keep faith and make this happen. 

To recap :
- 3 months in 3 of the Canary islands (Tenerife, La Gomera, Gran Canaria)

- 4 boats, as diverse as their crew, on 4 different passages

- more than 200 "leche-leche", the most addictive coffee on earth... muy rico, muy bueno, canario

- 2 editions of "Les Optimistes", newspaper for the boat-hikers of Santa Cruz (attached)

- 1 public lecture of poetry ("Ode Maritima" from Fernando Pessoa) with my friend Fernando (another one ;), which blog I invite you to read, here : estreladalvacabofrio.blogspot.com

- 22 days at sea, 1 toothbrush, 1 haircut, loads of dolphins, flying fish, sea birds, 0 cigarette

- innumerable and invaluable meetings, chit-chats on the quays, swap of books and other resources

- 1 thing left to do : reach the Pacific and hike on another boat!

I am now in Brazil, in the middle of the Amazon forest, making my way down towards Argentina. On land, this time...

Keep in touch.

Many happy sea miles... or rocky road ones, whatever rocks your boat ;)


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