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domingo, 23 de março de 2014

Cape Verde's official language - Cape Verde by Wikipedia 23

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Ilha de São Vicente - Cabo Verde - 2014 - photo by Fernando Costa


Demographics 3/3

There is a small Muslim community. 

There were Jewish settlements on several islands.

 The number of atheists is estimated at less than 1% of the population.

Cape Verde's official language is

 It is the language of instruction and government. However, the Cape Verdean Creole is used colloquially and is the mother tongue of virtually all Cape Verdeans.

 Cape Verdean Creole or Kriolu is a dialect continuum of a Portuguese-based creole. 

There is a substantial body of literature in Creole, especially in the Santiago Creole and the São Vicente Creole. 

Creole has been gaining prestige since the nation's independence from Portugal.

 However, the differences between the forms of the language within the islands have been a major obstacle in the way of standardization of the language. 

Some people have advocated the development of two standards: a North (Barlavento) standard, centered on the São Vicente Creole, and a South (Sotavento) standard, centered on the Santiago Creole.

 Manuel Veiga, PhD, a linguist and Minister of Culture of Cape Verde, is the premier proponent of Kriolu's officialization and standardization.  LINK

Leia uma introdução à esta série de posts, clicando aqui.

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